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In November 1976, a group of friends sharing the same concerns and tastes, formed what was called the Centre Excursionista of Benissa. Shortly afterwards they decided to change the name to Grup de Muntanya Margall, being the first youth asociation in Benissa. Concerned about the environment, they started to organize different activities of sporting nature with a wide spectrum of mountain sports, such as hiking, cave exploration, rock climbing, camping... All these activities throughout all the Spanish geography and even beyond.

1976 2016, 40 years. A past, a present and a future.

Today, con 40 years, we adapt the same philosophy to current times. We continue spreading the different mountain-related sports, and of course expanding these to upcoming trends, such as mountain races, creating new sections: the mountain runner team MARGALL TRAIL BENISSA, undoubtedly reflecting the action exerted on the immediate environment by our flagship event... "La Perimetral a Benissa.

In the Club de Muntanya Margall we have a very extensive program of activities throughout the year, hiking trails of moderate difficulty so that all the family can come along, and others of an elevated difficulty. When the good weather arrives we enjoy our "hotels under the stars", the "vivacs", where we combine the hiking trails with the pleasure of sleeping beneath the light of the moon and the stars, nights where we s hare conversations, laughs and other simbols of happiness. Upon the arrival of autumn, and reserved only for the most demanding, three days hiking across mountains and valleys with two nights of camping, it's time for "La Marxa del Fuji".

Currently there is an important growth in partners and supporters thanks to our activities, allies, website and social networks, essential paths of communication. Reason to open a great future for the continuance of the Club de Muntanya Margall.

Miguel ngel Soliveres Fullana.

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