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The Club de Montaña Margalló, given the existing demand, wishes to inform that anyone interested in forming part of this club can request their inscription as an associate.

For this, anyone who is interested, must fill out the form that is at the bottom of this page.

The Club de Montaña Margalló is a Benissa association established in 1979 and, in addition to the activities pertaining to a mountaineering club, has the objective of spreading and propagating the spirit of associationism throughout the county of the Marina Alta.

The price of the membership for this year is 5 euros.

What rights do you have by becoming an associate of the Club Margalló?

– You can participate in the decisions for our club. For this, you will be informed of the assembly meetings. Remember that, the Club Margalló, like any association, counts on regulations which will be made available to you as soon as you ask for them. These regulations will give you a theoretical understanding of what this association is, but the most important thing for us is that, you partake in our meetings and activities, as it is these which will give you a practical knowledge of the Club Margalló.

– You will have preference when it comes to participating in the activities organized by the Club de Montaña Margalló, and you will be eligible for discounts.

– And very importantly, becoming an associate of the Club Margalló implies enrichment of the functionality of the Club Margalló. Shortly after forming part of the Club, you will experience the sensation of knowing people and things that you would never have known had you not become an associate.

Don't doubt it! Become an associate and see for yourself!

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Club Margall de Benissa

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